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Varuna D Jani
‘Varuna D Jani,’ jewelry that stands for innovation, style and most certainly value for money. Having grown up watching her father Mr. Ramchand Popely, she was always fascinated with this form of art and started to sketch designs as a young girl. VDJ started her own brand of exclusive couture jewelry in 2006, but her love for beautifully crafted jewelry dates way back! What makes her stand out from others is her refreshingly new concepts, her passion to genuinely enhance a woman’s beauty with appropriate accessories and her personal involvement with each and every customer that walks into her store! To experience the magic of exquisite timeless pieces visit us at the Varuna D Jani Fine Jewelry Boutique. Varuna D Jani Fine Jewelry Pvt Ltd Ramani Villa, Plot No: 118, 1st Road, T.P.S-IV, Bandra (W). Mumbai- 400 050. India. 022 26512719/23
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